For Property Managers

Upgrade your property management game with Rentatee’s mission control.

Designed for clear communication and teamwork, Rentatee simplifies your tasks so you can focus on what’s important - building strong relationships.

How It Works

Effortless Setup

Start using Rentatee right away with our simple platform. No need for extra admin help.

Simplify Leasing

Rentatee automates rental applications with digital ID, financial checks, and signing leases with verified signatures, allowing you to go completely digital.

Automate Daily Tasks

Let Rentatee handle routine tasks like rent transfers, payment routing, and reminders for lease renewals.

Simplify Processes

Reduce time spent chasing documents and managing multiple tools, streamlining operations for efficiency.

Reduce Risk

Mitigate the risk of fraudulent documents with advanced verification processes.

Collaborative Maintenance

Manage tenant requests openly, send work orders to your maintenance team, and keep everyone on the same page.

Resident Communication

Facilitate easy communication with residents through built-in messaging.

Performance Tracking

Monitor key performance indicators such as occupancy rates, rental income, and maintenance efficiently to optimize property performance.

Mobile Accessibility

Access Rentatee on-the-go with a mobile app, allowing property managers to stay connected and manage tasks remotely.

Join Rentatee and step into a future where property management is smooth, transparent, and client centric.