For Tenants

Enhance the resident experience with Rentatee.

Attract high-quality tenants and experience a decrease in turnover. Rentatee simplifies the tenant journey by providing easy access to lease terms, messaging capabilities, maintenance requests, and online rent payments – all at no cost to the tenant.

We make renting easier.

Why Rentatee?

Easy Showings and Applications

Effortlessly request showings and confirm appointments online.

Apply from your phone without all the usual back-and-forth.

Add roommates and co-signers.

Tenant Screening

We check your background and credit history transparently.

Verify your ID and documents instantly.

Personal data is encrypted, prioritizing privacy.

Transparent Document Access and Lease Terms

Review and sign lease agreements and addendums.

Easy access to lease documents and move-in inspections.

No confusion, everything is clear and accessible.

Rent Payments Made Easy

Link bank accounts with instant verification.

Get reminders for rent and other payments.

Split payments with roommates if needed.

Automatic Payments

Set up automatic payments to never miss rent payments again.

Show off your great rent payment history to future landlords.

Quick Maintenance Requests

Easily submit maintenance requests with detailed information and attached photos.

Stay in the loop by tracking your request.

Invite Your Landlord

For every landlord who signs up, both you and your landlord unlock special rewards and benefits.

Invite Landlord Now

What Makes Rentatee Different


A mobile-first experience designed for your convenience.

Enjoy Benefits

Exciting perks and benefits that go beyond the ordinary.

Secure Renting

Free, secure, and simple renting.

Exclusive Tenant Benefits

Renters Insurance

Protect your belongings with comprehensive coverage.

Income Loss Assistance

We’ve got your back in challenging times.

Security Deposits

Handled securely for your peace of mind.

Rent Deferral Assistance

Flexibility when you need it.

Credit Building

Improve your credit score while renting.

Get Rentatee and Unlock a World of Tenant Benefits